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A Brief Guide to Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in a Truck Accident Case






















A serious auto accident, especially one involving a large truck, will often have unexpected consequences that go far beyond the expenses involved in the accident victim's medical treatment. Those who are hurt in truck accidents are often on the receiving end of injuries that are serious enough to completely change their lives. Large trucks, particularly semi-trucks used in commercial trucking, are large enough that an accident involving one is not only likely to cause severe injury, but may also affect numerous vehicles simultaneously.


This means that, in a truck accident, there may be numerous accident victims, including several drivers and passengers, and a professional truck driver who is likely to have the backing of corporate attorneys to ensure that they are not found liable for those injuries and damaged vehicles. When you are hurt in an accident of this kind, you need to hire your own legal representation in the form of a personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Ryan R. Cox & Associates.


Personal injury laws protect accident victims who have suffered injuries due to the negligent behavior of others. When a commercial truck driver jack-knifes on the highway, their accident could involve a number of factors, many of which could be outside of their control, like poor road conditions, poor visibility or inclement weather conditions. But if the truck driver was speeding, had fallen asleep behind the wheel, was using their cell phone or was driving while under the influence of alcohol or other substances, then they could be found to be negligent and therefore legally liable for the accident. This is why trucking companies have attorneys on retainer to help limit the amount that they have to pay out when their drivers are in accidents.


However, many accident victims do not understand truck accident attorneys and believe what they are told by insurance company representatives that their injuries or the details of the case do not entitled them to receive monetary compensation. But the truth is that insurance company representatives are not qualified to assess the legal merits of a personal injury claim. If you have been injured in an accident involving commercial trucking companies and professional truck drivers, the best thing that you can do is consult a personal injury attorney to get a valid legal assessment of your case.


Accident victims may be entitled to receive monetary compensation for their lost wages, medical expenses, reduced potential earnings and their pain and suffering, but there is no way to know unless you schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. For more information about filing a personal injury claim in a truck accident case, the first step is to visit the website of a personal injury law firm working in your local area. To get started, all you need to do is perform a search engine search for personal injury lawyers. Make sure that you read an article in for more information on hiring and working with lawyers.